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Jan 16
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Wang YY, Chen B, Zhang JW, Li HR, Zeng XF, Zhang Z, Zhu Y, Li XD, Hu AL, Zhao QH, Yang WS. Diets with Higher Insulinemic Potential are Associated with Increased Risk of Overall and Cardiovascular Disease-specific Mortality. British Journal of…
Dec 24, 2021
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Fatima S, Gerasimidis K, Wright C, Malkova D. Impact of high energy oral nutritional supplements consumed in the late afternoon on appetite, energy intake and cardio-metabolic risk factors in females with lower BMI. European Journal of Clinical…
Nov 19, 2021
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Bakaloudi DR, Chrysoula L, Leonida I, Kotzakioulafi E, Theodoridis X and Chourdakis M. Impact of the level of adherence to the Mediterranean Diet on blood pressure: A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies. Clinical Nutrition,…
Oct 25, 2021
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Abaj F, Rafiee M and Koohdani F. Interaction between CETP polymorphism and dietary insulin index and load in relation to cardiovascular risk factors in diabetic adults. Scientific Reports, 2021.

This study investigated the impact of the…
Sep 28, 2021
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Jun 23, 2021
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Apr 21, 2021