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About iKANN

The NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health is an award-winning, interdisciplinary, international think-tank with over 10 years’ experience conducting nutrition education and research, as well as implementing innovative solutions for health improvement. The International Knowledge Application Network Hub in Nutrition 2025 (iKANN) is an open access online portal of published evidence related to food, nutrition and health, encompassing evidence syntheses, raw data and meta data, evidence-based guidelines and e-learning for workforce capacity development. It will support high quality, scalable nutrition education to achieve sustained impact in global healthcare systems.

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Team Members

Sumantra Ray


Lauran Ball

Global Strategic Lead & Co-Chair

Jeffrey Bohn

Principal Advisor (Independent Co-Chair of the Steering Committee)

Selvarani Elahi

LGC Operational Lead

Sally Ayyad


Xunhan Li


Sarah Armes


Wanja Nyaga


James Bryant


Shane McAuliffe

Science Communications

Sucheta Mitra

Strategic Development Support

Sucheta Mitra


Matheus Abrantes

NNEdPro Operational Lead

Savvas Xystouris

LGC Operational Support

A Gateway To Authoritative Global Information On Food, Nutrition And Health To Facilitate Evidence-Based Decision Making

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