Cardiometabolic Risk



The iKANN Nutrition, Cardiometabolic, and Vascular Evidence Collection aims to regularly identify published academic research related to nutrition, cardiometabolic, and vascular health, and provide the up-to-date guidelines for medical practise, nutrition education, and public health policy. More broadly, this collection will have an emphasis on food and nutrition concerns in cardiometabolic and vascular health.

The collection will aim to focus on published global and regional guidelines, including a compilation of guidance from a variety of international nutrition bodies, as well as signposting to guidelines from more specific regional or nationally representative bodies. In the same way, the collection will serve as a repository for published research in this field. As a result, the collection will assist to inform the public, identify developing research, and stimulate discussion around the role of nutrition in cardiometabolic and vascular health.


The Nutrition and Cardiometabolic and Vascular Health Evidence Tracker

The Nutrition and cardiometabolic and vascular health evidence tracker represents a living collection of published original research and reviews which underpins research related to cardiometabolic and vascular health. The evidence is organised by thematic area based on different known pathways linking diet, cardiometabolic and vascular health.

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Last Updated 12/03/2021