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With the expanding evidence in nutrition research, there are rapidly accruing needs around knowledge translation, implementation, behaviour change, and communication of nutrition messages which are important considerations when translating research and data into policy and practice. Similarly, a lack of access to evidence and information on food, nutrition and health is a barrier to the facilitation of collaborative and innovative research and evidence-based policy and practice to improve the health and wellbeing of populations.


One approach is to focus on educating healthcare providers and developing their skills by improving nutrition capacity and subsequently the nutrition behaviour of the wider community. The NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health identifies unmet nutrition education needs in healthcare and public health practice and policy, followed by the generation, synthesis and translation of high quality and pragmatic evidence for practitioners and policymakers. This has downstream benefits for patients and the public.


Beyond the pilot of 2021 funding (from a range of stakeholders) will be needed until 2025 to grow and develop the iKANN platform and make it self-sustaining. An overall sum of 6.5 million pounds over a period of four and a half years (starting from July 2021) would need to be raised in phases. One of the key elements where the funding will be utilised is in the development of the research registry and data testing sandbox which are unique functions of the platform with the capacity to foster engagement.

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