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Impact of COVID-19 on health and health related behaviours

COVID-19 has led to unprecedented changes to conventional ways of living.  Lockdown undoubtedly impacted both physical and mental health, as well as health related behaviours including diet, sleep, and physical activity.  A recent study showed alterations in food choices and eating habits, and another showed people living with severe obesity at higher risk of greater deterioration in their diet during lockdown potentially due to reduced access and insufficient information provided by their…

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Nutrition and COVID-19 Evidence Tracker

The Nutrition and COVID-19 Evidence Tracker represents the living evidence base which underpins research related to Nutrition and COVID-19. The evidence is organised by thematic area based on a food systems approach which considers the wider determinants of health. As this is a living tracker and an emerging area of research, we urge you to engage in discussion around the evidence tracker via the COVID-19 Discussion Board in 'Evidence and Discussions'. You can view the full tracker here.

NNEdPro Covid-19 Task Force

Executive Members

  • Dr Dominic Crocombe: Co-Chair
  • Prof Sumantra Ray RNutr: Co-Chair
  • Shane McAuliffe RD: Deputy Co-Chair (Lead for science communications, Microsite, and links with BMJ NPH) 
  • Sucheta Mitra: Deputy Co-Chair (Lead for operational support and internal communications)

BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health Members

  • Prof Martin Kohlmeier: Editor in Chief, BMJ NPH 
  • Prof Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir: Associate Editor, BMJ NPH

Attending Members

  • Elaine Macaninch RD: Lead for Patient, Public and Practitioner Outreach
  • Dr Luke Buckner: Lead for Nutritional Inequities and Educational Policy   
  • Dr Marjorie Lima do Vale RD: Lead for Advocacy and Impact
  • James Bradfield RD: Lead for Education, Awareness, and Implementation
  • Dr Kaninika Basu: Advice on Food, Allergy, and Immunology
  • A/Prof Luigi Palla: Advice on Statistics and Epidemiology
  • Dr Marcello Scopazzini: Advice on Infectious Diseases Medicine
  • Sonigitu Ekpe: Advice on Agriculture and Food Security
  • Niky Raja: Public Health and Microsite Support

Corresponding Members

  • Matheus Abrantes: Digital and Microsite Lead 
  • Dr Shobhana Nagraj: Maternal and Child Health
  • Dr Claudia Mitrofan: Science and Clinical Research 
  • Helena Trigueiro RD: Representative for Regional Networks
  • Pauline Douglas RD: Representative for Directors (on behalf of Prof Dan Del Rio, Dr Celia Laur RNutr & Dr Minha Rajput-Ray)

Former Members (2020)

  • Dr Suzana Almoosawi (Science Research) 
  • Dr Harrison Carter (Policy Outreach)
  • Dr Timothy Eden RD (Clinical Research)
  • Emily Fallon ANutr (Public Health)