Evidence and Discussion

The iKANN Nutrition and COVID-19 evidence collections aims to identify published guidelines and research, explore emerging areas for research and conduct regular evidence synthesis relating to nutritional aspects of the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. More widely, this collection will include a focus on the related issues of food and nutrition security which have existed throughout this global crisis.

The collection will aim to focus on published global and regional guidelines, including a compilation of guidance from a variety of international nutrition bodies, as well as signposting to guidelines from more specific regional or nationally representative bodies. Similarly, the collection will act as a repository for both published and emerging research in this area. In doing so, the collection will help to inform the public, emerging research and encourage discussion on key challenges relating emerging nutrition and related public health practices in the context of COVID-19.

Nutrition and COVID-19 Evidence Tracker

The Nutrition and COVID-19 Evidence Tracker represents the living evidence base which underpins research related to Nutrition and COVID-19. The evidence is organised by thematic area based on a food systems approach which considers the wider determinants of health. As this is a living tracker and an emerging area of research, we urge you to engage in discussion around the evidence tracker via the COVID-19 Discussion Board in 'Evidence and Discussions'. You can view the full tracker here.

NNEdPro Covid-19 Task Force

Executive Members 

  • Dr Dominic Crocombe: Co-Chair
  • Prof Sumantra Ray RNutr: Co-Chair
  • Shane McAuliffe RD: Deputy Co-Chair (Lead for Science Communications, Microsite, and BMJ NPH Liaison) 
  • Sucheta Mitra: Deputy Co-Chair (Lead for Operational Support and Internal Communications)
  • Matheus Abrantes: Digital and Microsite Lead 

BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health Members

  • Prof Martin Kohlmeier: Editor in Chief, BMJ NPH 
  • Prof Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir: Associate Editor, BMJ NPH

Core Members

  • Clare Chadda: Clinical Medicine and Public Health
  • A/Prof Luigi Palla: Medical Statistics, Epidemiology and Science Research
  • Dr Claudia Mitrofan: Clinical Medicine and Science Research
  • Dr Ebiambu Agwara: Clinical Medicine and Public Health
  • Elaine Macaninch RD: Clinical and Public Health Nutrition - Engagement and Outreach
  • Dr Kaninika Basu: Clinical Medicine and Science Research – Food, Allergy, and Immunology
  • Dr Emmanuel Baah: Clinical Medicine, Epidemiology & Nutrigenetics
  • Dr Marjorie Lima do Vale RD: Public Health Nutrition and Science Research – Advocacy and Impact
  • Dr Shobhana Nagraj: Clinical Medicine, Public Health and Science Research – Maternal and Child Health
  • James Bradfield RD: Clinical Nutrition – Education and Implementation
  • Niky Raja: Public Health and Microsite Support
  • Sonigitu Ekpe: Agriculture and Food Security

Ex-Officio Corresponding / Associate Members

  • Pauline Douglas RD: Directors Representative
  • NNEdPro Virtual Core

Formerly Core Members (2020 and 2021)

  • Dr Suzana Almoosawi (Science Research)
  • Dr Luke Buckner (Inequity and Policy) 
  • Dr Harrison Carter (Policy Outreach)
  • Dr Timothy Eden RD (Clinical Research)
  • Emily Fallon ANutr (Public Health)
  • Helena Trigueiro RD (Regional Networks)
  • Dr Lyn Haynes (Education and Networks)
  • Dr Marcello Scopazzini (Clinical Medicine and Public Health – Infectious Diseases)