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Nutrition and COVID-19 Evidence Tracker

The Nutrition and COVID-19 Evidence Tracker represents the living evidence base which underpins research related to Nutrition and COVID-19. The evidence is organised by thematic area based on a food systems approach which considers the wider determinants of health. As this is a living tracker and an emerging area of research, we urge you to engage in discussion around the evidence tracker via the COVID-19 Discussion Board in 'Evidence and Discussions'. You can view the full tracker here.

NNEdPro Covid-19 Task Force

Executive Members

  • Dr Dominic Crocombe: Co-Chair
  • Prof Sumantra Ray RNutr: Co-Chair
  • Shane McAuliffe RD: Deputy Co-Chair (Lead for science communications, Microsite, and links with BMJ NPH) 
  • Sucheta Mitra: Deputy Co-Chair (Lead for operational support and internal communications)

BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health Members

  • Prof Martin Kohlmeier: Editor in Chief, BMJ NPH 
  • Prof Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir: Associate Editor, BMJ NPH

Attending Members

  • Elaine Macaninch RD: Lead for Patient, Public and Practitioner Outreach
  • Dr Luke Buckner: Lead for Nutritional Inequities and Educational Policy   
  • Dr Marjorie Lima do Vale RD: Lead for Advocacy and Impact
  • James Bradfield RD: Lead for Education, Awareness, and Implementation
  • Dr Kaninika Basu: Advice on Food, Allergy, and Immunology
  • A/Prof Luigi Palla: Advice on Statistics and Epidemiology
  • Dr Marcello Scopazzini: Advice on Infectious Diseases Medicine
  • Sonigitu Ekpe: Advice on Agriculture and Food Security
  • Niky Raja: Public Health and Microsite Support

Corresponding Members

  • Matheus Abrantes: Digital and Microsite Lead 
  • Dr Shobhana Nagraj: Maternal and Child Health
  • Dr Claudia Mitrofan: Science and Clinical Research 
  • Helena Trigueiro RD: Representative for Regional Networks
  • Pauline Douglas RD: Representative for Directors (on behalf of Prof Dan Del Rio, Dr Celia Laur RNutr & Dr Minha Rajput-Ray)

Former Members (2020)

  • Dr Suzana Almoosawi (Science Research) 
  • Dr Harrison Carter (Policy Outreach)
  • Dr Timothy Eden RD (Clinical Research)
  • Emily Fallon ANutr (Public Health)