Liu R., Mi, B., Zhao, Y., Li, Q., Dang, S. and Yan, H. Gender-specific association between carbohydrate consumption and blood pressure in Chinese adults. BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health. 2021



  • The present Cross-sectional study, including 2241 rural adults from Northwestern China, investigated the possible gender-specific association of carbohydrate consumption on blood pressure (BP).
  • They found that total carbohydrate consumption is associated with increased SBP and DBP in Chinese females who derive majority of carbohydrate from refined grains (>80%).
  • Additionally, the detrimental effect might be more serious at upper quintiles of BP than other quantiles.
  • Moreover, relatively lower and higher carbohydrate consumption was associated with higher SBP, with the minimum SBP level observed at 130~150g carbohydrate per day.
  • Therefore, higher total carbohydrates consumption might have an adverse impact on both SBP and DBP in Chinese females but not males. 



  • This study was the cross-sectional design, with an inability to infer causation.
  • The generalisability of these findings might also be limited since the study population was not national.
  • Diet information was self-reported and measurement error might dilute real relations between carbohydrate intake and health outcomes.
  • Food source and quality of carbohydrates intake were not assessed, which might work in a different way on BP.


Question to members

  • Do you think dietary carbohydrate restriction should be recommended for women with high blood pressure?

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