• I'm interested to know if there has been any research into nutrition insecurity screening and the role of primary care in connecting patients to community food projects?

    Also, emerging evidence on the roleof nutrition in long COVID-19 and examples of good practice from different countries.

    Thanks :-)

  • Has their been much research on the connections between mental health, food security and COVID-19? I have seen some food security and COVID-19 studies but not sure if any focused on mental health specifically. Thanks!

  • Thank you for your comment Lauren. This article by Brauner et al. includes data from 41 countries as an input to a model to identify individual nonpharmaceutical interventions that were most effective at reducing transmission during the early COVID-19 pandemic. While not nutrition specific, it provides interesting insight to interventions effective to be able to maintain activity despite the pandemic. You can read the article here: 

  • Is there any evidence regarding how national nutrition strategies may have influenced COVID-19 management and outcome? Not only from a physiological perspective, but from a policy perpsective?

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