Sign-up or sign-in problems?

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How does the standard sign-up work?

The usual sign-up process works as follows:

1. A prospective member checks out who can join and completes the sign-up form, which includes the member's email address;

2. The site sends an email to the member's email address to check the address;

3. The member confirms their address by clicking on the link in the confirmation email;

4. The member request is forwarded to the admin team, who check briefly that the member fits the membership criteria and approve membership.

5. The member receives an email from the site confirming their membership.

I haven't received my address confirmation email

The most common problem we have experienced is that various email filters can trap the initial confirmation email.  This needs to be fixed at the member's end. The following three steps - simplest first - may be needed:

1. Check your email client's spam or junk folder to see if the confirmation email has been directed there. if it has, mark as a trusted source, move the email to your inbox and click on the confirmation link.

2. If using Office 365, check the Quarantine settings and if necessary mark as a trusted domain. This microsoft article gives more information for end users.

3. Contact your IT support department and ask them to set the company's mail filters to allow mail from Then try again to sign up. If your IT department needs specific emails rather than a domain, ask them to allow the following four addresses:

  • This email address is for general messages such as comments on items you add, replies to forum discussions, and notifications that you have received a message.
  • This email address is used for broadcast messages or for notifications of new items.
  • This address is used when members share content to other members or non-members.
  • This address is used for invitations to the network and invitations to specific groups and events.

4. If none of the above steps solve your problem, please let us know at

I'd like to sign up using my LinkedIn account or other social network.

We're looking into this. Please let us know which existing network sign-in would be most useful at

I get an error about security

Some browsers may report a security certificate error when first signing in or when site configuration changes. This is usually caused by a site name difference between the security certificate and the site. is hosted on the Ning social platform. For some things, including member sign-in security, Ning uses a certificate for its own servers, usually at Browsers can interpret this as an attempt to interfere with security.

To check, go to the Advanced/learn more view on the warning page, View the certificate and verify that it is either from or If it is, you can use the 'confirm security exception' button on the warning page to tell your browse that the certificate is valid for The certificate will then be accepted. You can usually make the exception permanent to save repeating the check for every visit.

The warning may recur when a certificate is renewed, which typically occurs annually, or changed for other reasons. If so, simply re-check as above.