Matsuyama S, Sawada N, Tomata Y, Zhang S, Goto A, Yamaji T, Iwasaki M, Inoue M, Tsuji I and Tsugane S. Association between adherence to the Japanese diet and all-cause and cause-specific mortality: The Japan Public Health Center-based Prospective Study. European journal of nutrition. 2021


  • The present prospective study examined the association between adherence to the Japanese diet and risk of all-cause and cause-specific mortality in a large, middle-aged Japanese cohort.
  • Diet was assessed using 8-item Japanese Diet Index score (0 to 8).
  • It was reported that individuals with the highest Japanese Diet Index score had a reduction of all-cause mortality by 14% and cardiovascular mortality by 11% in comparison the lowest Japanese Diet Index score group.
  • They concluded that adhering to a Japanese diet was associated with a decreased risk of all-cause and CVD mortality among adults living in multiple areas across Japan.


  • However, it is important to note that dietary intake was assessed at only one time point, therefore variations in dietary habits were not considered.
  • Also, although the researchers adjusted for many confounding factors, residual confounding including socioeconomic status can not be ruled out.


  • Do you think these findings will be reproducible other populations? What would be the challenges in following a Japanese diet in your country?

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