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For schoolchildren and adolescents, healthy diets are essential to grow, develop and be protected from disease.

But worldwide, 149 million children under the age of five are too small for their age. 40 million are overweight. Many millions are suffering from deficiencies of key nutrients. Many of these children are carrying over their nutritional problems into school age which affects their capacity to learn and overall development. Addressing malnutrition is central to improving individual development and well-being, advancing the overall economic and social development of families and communities and ensuring the Right to Food for vulnerable people.

Likewise, the current environmental and socioeconomic issues around the world are threatening the very existence of future generations and can’t be ignored or separated from the efforts to address malnutrition.Let’s look at the pathways towards improving nutrition and promoting more sustainable food practices for schoolchildren and adolescents and see what FAO and partners are doing to support these pathways around the world.

To visit the page, click: FAO Class in session- Healthy and sustainable food pathways for schoolchildren

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