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Based on analyses of a nation-wide EHR database in the US, the researchers show that patients with CLD, especially those who had recent medical encounter for CLD, were at significantly increased risk for COVID-19 acquisition compared with patients without CLD. African Americans with CLD were twice more likely to get COVID-19 than Caucasians with CLD. COVID-19 patients with CLD had higher rates of hospitalization and death than COVID-19 negative patients with CLD and COVID-19 patients without CLD.

To read the paper, please follow this link: COVID-19 risk, disparities and outcomes in patients with chronic liver disease in the United States

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More than 32 million of the world’s poorest people face being pulled back into extreme poverty because of COVID-19, leading UN economists said on Thursday, highlighting data showing that the pandemic is likely to cause the worst economic crisis in decades among least developed countries (LDCs). 

In a call for urgent investment and support from the wider international community, the UN trade and development agency, UNCTAD, warned that the new coronavirus risked reversing years of “painstaking progress” in poverty reduction, nutrition and education.


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Revealed: The cost of the pandemic on world's poorest countries

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