Effect of omega-3 and vitamin D co-supplementation on psychological distress in reproductive-aged women with pre-diabetes and hypovitaminosis D: A randomized controlled trial

In some studies, physiological distresses have been proposed as risk factors for diabetes, due to their effect on increasing the level of cortisol secretion, that which in turn leads to insulin resistance, dyslipidaemia, obesity and type 2 diabetes.  Other studies found an association between psychological distress and quality of sleep with pre-diabetes and diabetes.

This study investigates the effect of vitamin D and omega-3 supplementation on psychological distresses in women of reproductive age with pre-diabetes and hypovitaminosis, using the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale-21 and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.

Quick takes:

  • Supplementation of vitamin D alone showed significant improvement in Vitamin D levels, sleep quality, anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Supplementation of Omega-3 alone showed no significant difference on the quality of sleep, stress or depression, despite a significant difference in terms of the anxiety score
  • The co-supplementation of vitamin D and Omega-3 showed great positive effects on the quality of sleep, and the reduction of depression and anxiety levels
  • A combination of vitamin D and Omega-3 supplementation could be used as a preventative method for improving the mental health women of reproductive age with pre-diabetes and hypovitaminosis

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