Effect of nutrition behaviour change communication delivered through radio on mothers’ nutritional knowledge, child feeding practices and growth

Undernutrition in children remains to be a global public concern.  This article explores how using the radio to communicate nutrition education to mothers affects their children’s nutrition, feeding practices and growth.

 Quick takes:

  • Interventions to tackle undernutrition, and related stunting and childhood mortality continue to be vital, especially in middle-income countries
  • Malnutrition and stunting in children occur due to a combination of several factors including gender, socio-demographic, home environment, maternal, dietary practices, and hygiene
  • Nutrition knowledge is essential for adequate food intake and diet quality
  • Mothers who received health/nutrition education through the radio possessed better nutrition and health knowledge and a more positive attitude towards preventative health and diet diversity and quality, however, this had little effects on the nutritional status of children
  • The use of mass media for nutrition education at the population level could be an effective tool, especially when combined with other interventions that support the implementation of knowledge into practice

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