Griffin J, Albaloul A, Kopytek A, Elliott P and Frost G. Effect of ultraprocessed food intake on cardiometabolic risk is mediated by diet quality: a cross-sectional study. BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health. 2021


  • This cross-sectional study examined the consumption of ultraprocessed food on diet quality and cardiometabolic risk in an occupational cohort.
  • They reported that intake of ultraprocessed food was negatively correlated with diet quality, fibre and protein, and positively correlated with consumption of fat, saturated fat and non-milk extrinsic sugars.
  • The consumption of ultraprocessed food was associated with a deterioration in diet quality and positively associated with cardiometabolic risk, although this association is mediated by and dependent on the quality of the diet.


  • Due to the cross-sectional design a temporal relationship between ultra-processed food intake, diet quality, nutrient composition and cardiometabolic risk could not be assessed.
  • Therefore, randomised controlled trials are needed to fully comprehend whether the relationship between ultraprocessed food consumption and health is independent to its relationship with poor diet quality.


  • Are all processed foods the same?

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