Abaj F, Rafiee M and Koohdani F. Interaction between CETP polymorphism and dietary insulin index and load in relation to cardiovascular risk factors in diabetic adults. Scientific Reports, 2021.


  • This study investigated the impact of the cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) TaqB1 polymorphism on CVD risk factors associated with dietary insulin index and load (DII and DIL) in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).
  • They presented that after consuming diets higher on the DIL and DII index, patients with B1B1 genotype had lower lipid profiles include LDL/HDL (p<0.001) and TG (p=0.04). While patients with B2B2 genotype had higher antioxidant and inflammatory markers include SOD (P=0.01), PGF2α (p=0.04), and CRP (p=0.02) in the last tertile of DIL. The highest levels of CRP (P = 0.04), TAC (P = 0.01), SOD (P = 0.02), and PGF2α (P = 0.02) were also observed in B2B2 genotype carriers when they consumed diets higher on the DII index. Additionally, CETP TaqB1 and DII exhibited a significant interaction in terms of WC (P = 0.01), with the highest WC observed in B2B2 genotype carriers following a DII score.
  • They concluded that the CETP polymorphism may be associated with CVD risk factors in T2DM patients with high following insulin indices, including DII and DIL. And Taq1B B1 allele was thought to counteract the CVD risks related to high DII and DIL among type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients.


  • This is the first study to illustrate the interaction between CETP TaqB1 polymorphism and dietary insulin indices and loads on cardio-metabolic risk factors, therefore, it is significant for preventing and restraining the development of cardiometabolic disease once the interaction is confirmed.
  • However, the cross-sectional design and small sample size limit the argument for this causality. The memory bias may also exist in the dietary assessment FFQ. Further study is suggested to use a large sample size and western blotting to assess the results.


  • Does this interaction designed with diabetic patients in Tehran, Iran apply to people of other races?

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