• Jan 21, 2021 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Location: Virtual
  • Latest Activity: Jan 7, 2021

The End of Ageing with Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer at the SENSE Research Foundation


People are living longer – no longer because of reduced child mortality, but because we are postponing the ill-health of old age. But we’ve seen nothing yet: rejuvenation biotechnology, regenerative medicine and other new medicines will eventually be so comprehensive that people will stay truly youthful however long they live, which means they may mostly live very long indeed. In this talk, Aubrey de Grey will discuss both the biology and the sociology of what will be the most momentous advance in the history of civilisation.

Ticket prices:
Early booking ticket: £13 for one event or Series ticket: £100 – to all 10 online Big Thinker lectures.

What’s included in your ticket:

  • Live lecture lasting 60 minutes including Q&A with Aubrey de Grey
  • On-demand access to a recording of the lecture and Q&A for 12 months
  • Bonus content articles from New Scientist including:

Selected New Scientist Articles
• Anti-ageing drugs are coming that could keep you healthier for longer
• How to fight infection by turning back your immune system’s clock
• Why dogs could hold the secret to longer, healthier human lives
• Exclusive: Inside the clinic offering young blood to cure ageing

Additional on-demand video content:
• Anti-ageing drugs are coming that could keep you healthier for longer.

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